About Us

about us

ODDPERSON was born on the streets of London, inspired by all of the creativity that makes this city the subcultural capital of the world. From the teddy boys to the punks, the mods to the rockers, from grime to drill, London has created music and fashion that has changed the world. The young people who created their own style, who were never afraid to do things their own way, break the rules and create the truly unique styles and sounds that changed lives for the better.

ODDPERSON takes all of this passion and energy and presents a street style for every taste. Whether you’re slick mod class or laidback London grime we have everything you need to truly express yourself.

All these London styles have something in common. The individuals and gangs who started these trends weren’t afraid to be themselves. They focused on being truly original and changing their world. They didn’t care if people saw them as weird or peculiar as they confidently started trends that changed it all. These were the Odd People.

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